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Because her father-in-law was old, Nao and her husband inherited the public bathroom that he left behind. Because her husband is used to working in an office, managing the bathroom and going to work at the same time is too difficult. Asakura decided to help her husband manage the bathroom. But because of that, the two of them rarely see each other. After work, her husband has to take care of his father, making Nao very hungry for sex but unable to do anything about it. One day, Asakura, a young but extremely hard-working boy, he constantly worked overtime and had to come home late. He still went to Nao's bathroom often and even though it was closing time, Nao still let Asakura in. One time, because he was too sleepy, Asakura fell asleep in the bathtub. Nao quickly rushed in and saved him. She asked him to quit his current job to come work here. Miss. Asakura agreed and from then on, Nao and him were often together, and the two began to develop feelings. Even though she knew it was wrong, Nao's body was so hungry for sex. When Asakura made the first move, her mouth couldn't speak but her body wanted to enjoy more...

SORA-468 Walk around the city with the hostess
 Movie Code: SORA-468 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Kokona Asakura