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This time, the beautiful girl Shinoda plays the role of a student with a part-time job at home for a small boss. When she goes to work, she always wears a provocative dress, which annoys the boss a lot. Every time he saw her private area, his penis became erect, but when she saw it, he shyly ran to the bathroom. The female student probably felt sorry for her boss so she proactively approached him and began to invite him to have sex to satisfy both of their desires. That was just an introduction, but I thought it was just an introduction. Just to satisfy my desire at that time, but in the following days, surprise after surprise continued to appear. Although the female student is a slave in her boss's part-time job, when it comes to sex, he is her slave.

 Movie Code: FSDSS-587 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Tokita Ami