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The young couple's life was happy in a remote forest until the day a group of soldiers passed by, they decided to stop here for a few days. In a military environment due to lack of Being a bit of a girl, not only the commander but also the rest of the soldiers became lustful when they saw Kitagawa's young, beautiful and voluptuous wife. With her power, not long after that, she had to sadly endure being raped by him while the husband could only watch helplessly because he was alone and couldn't do anything. Of course, when they got tired of playing, the soldiers Again enjoying the leftovers from the commander, they also took turns raping her greedily. The story only ended when the husband could not bear to see his wife suffer like that. When night came, he silently decided to live and die with the commander and they both left together. Even though he sacrificed himself, the husband was very brave to devote his whole life to protect his poor wife.

PGD-661 Raping a beautiful 30 year old girl is still lonely
 Movie Code: PGD-661 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Kitagawa Anju 
 Category: Jav VLXX Rape Sex Movie XVIDEOS XNXX